Montana’s chief executive, Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock, is up for re-election next month and deserves another term in office.

Because Gianforte has not held office, we have no voting record to call upon. But his public opposition to Bozeman’s nondiscrimination ordinance could portend his opposition to increased tolerance statewide. That’s troubling. It could also send the kind of negative message to businesses looking to relocate that has hurt other states where intolerant legislation was signed into law.

Bullock has been a stalwart advocate for Montana’s public lands and has a strong record of working with both parties and advocating early childhood education and badly needed infrastructure investment. He has rightly identified those areas as continued priorities if he is elected to a second term.

We continue to need Bullock’s levelheadedness in Helena. And voters would be smart to give him another term.
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