Gianforte donated nearly $1 million to opponents of Disclose Act 

Governor Steve Bullock today hailed a judge’s decision to uphold his bipartisan Disclose Act, telling a crowd at the University of Montana that the law is “essential to making sure our elections are fair, transparent and accountable to voters and not special interests.”

A judge this week upheld the Disclose Act after a dark money organization called Montanans for Community Development challenged the law.  The organization was represented by the same controversial law firm representing New Jersey multimillionaire Greg Gianforte, who has refused to support the Disclose Act.

Gianforte’s attorney specifically argued to reduce campaign disclosure requirements and prevent Montanans from knowing who is funding attack ads in the final days of the campaign.

“It means secretive dark money organizations like Montanans for Community Development still have the right to send political mailers, but they can no longer do it from the shadows,”Bullock said of the decision today. “If they want to influence our elections, they have to disclose who’s paying for it.  That’s how we do it in Montana.”

Gianforte donated nearly $1 million to organizations fighting the Disclose Act during the 2015 Montana Legislative Session.