Working with Democrats and Republicans, Bullock achieved significant accomplishments for the people of Montana in the last legislative session.

Meanwhile, Bullock’s Main Street Montana initiative brought business people together to brainstorm plans for moving Montana forward. High quality education accessible to all Montanans is the foundation for moving our state forward. As a graduate of Montana schools and the parent of students now in school, Bullock understands the importance of public education.  Greg Gianforte, Bullock’s Republican challenger, lacks that crucial commitment to quality education for all. He should not be in charge of the budget where public K-college education is a major expense area.

In a choice between Gianforte and Bullock, we have to go with the man who grew up in Helena, earned a law degree, led the Montana Department of Justice for four years and steered our ship of state on a moderate course for the benefit of average Montanans these past four years. We recommend re-electing Bullock.

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