Missoulian: Gianforte mailer unwelcome

We can make it clear that the sort of inflammatory rhetoric espoused by Greg Gianforte in a recent mailer is absolutely unwelcome. The mailer is a terrible example of factually challenged fear-mongering, and the Republican candidate for governor ought to apologize for it.” 

Bozeman Daily Chronicle: No place for fear in Montana politics

Gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has taken Montana politics in an ugly direction.”

“This kind of rhetoric has thoroughly polluted our national political dialogue. Now Gianforte is bringing it here.”

“This ad is a nakedly shameless example of this.”

Gazette opinion: Vetting anti-refugee propaganda in Montana

“The myth that governors can block refugee settlement keeps popping up, thanks to politicians campaigning on fears they help intensify.” 

“Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.”

Great Falls Tribune: Support liberty, and be rational on Syrian refugees

“In Montana, we’re not pleased Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte is advertising about an invasion of Syrian refugees into Montana, and showing a terrorist holding a semi-automatic weapon, in an effort to scare Montana voters. We agree the United States shouldn’t accept refugees who are criminals, but it’s not up to governors of states to decide.”

Montana Standard: Bullock best choice for governor

“We are also deeply uncomfortable with the demagoguery around his position on “unvetted Syrian refugees” – a phrase that is in itself an inaccurate scare tactic, as refugees are very thoroughly vetted. The fact is that a governor can do precisely nothing to affect U.S. refugee policy – including whether or not refugees are resettled within the state – so what we have seen is not a policy discussion but rather irresponsible fearmongering.”