Daines a Trump lackey; Bullock the senator we need

Originally published in the Bozeman Chronicle.

“I am thanking the president for his leadership.” That was the response of Montana Sen. Steve Daines to the action of President Donald Trump ordering federal troops to use force to push back peaceful demonstrators so he could stroll, uninvited, to the grounds of St. John’s Church.

Trump gave no unifying speech, answered no questions. He simply held up a Bible. It was a cheap photo op appeal to evangelical voters. As one Catholic official said, it bordered on blasphemy.

Is this how Daines defines leadership? Let’s talk about real leadership

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock has shown real leadership throughout his administration. Through bipartisan action, he’s provided the citizens of Montana expanded Medicaid, passed legislation to prevent dark money from election presence and protected our public lands.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought Gov. Bullock’s intelligent, compassionate and pro-active leadership into focus. He took early and decisive action, kept Montanans informed and gave Montana one of the lowest per capita virus records in the country.

In the meantime, Sen. Daines hides behind video town hall meetings. He is only a follower, another oarsman on Trump’s “Ship of Fools.”

Montana deserves true leadership, a senator with the last name of Bullock.