Washington Group Tied To Mitch McConnell Launches Rescue Mission for Senator Steve Daines

New ad deceives Montanans on Governor Bullock’s lifelong fight for affordable healthcare for all Montanans.

Helena, Mont. –– After Governor Bullock broke fundraising records yesterday in the race for Montana’s Senate seat, a Washington group tied to Mitch McConnell launched a deceptive ad to boost Senator Steve Daines’ campaign and mislead Montanans on Governor Bullock’s stance on healthcare.

The desperate ad tries to cover up Governor Bullock’s strong record of delivering accessible, affordable healthcare to over 90,000 Montanans, helping prevent Montana’s rural hospitals from shuttering, and lowering healthcare premiums across the state. The ad lies about Governor Bullock supporting a single-payer healthcare system in the Senate, when in fact, Bullock took on Washington Democrats to oppose Medicare for All. 

Steve Daines, on the other hand, has voted to rip away healthcare from the very people he serves more than a dozen times. Daines has voted 13 times to repeal, defund, or block the Affordable Care Act, putting in jeopardy protections for people with pre-existing conditions and Medicaid Expansion, which has been a lifeline for Montana’s rural hospitals and communities. 

Even in the middle of a global pandemic, Daines currently supports a lawsuit that would strip protections from over 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions. It’s no surprise that Daines has repeatedly voted to dismantle important health protections for Montanans — he has taken over $2 million dollars from corporate special interests, including over $300,000 from the insurance industry.

“The choice in this race is clear. While Steve Daines was voting to dismantle protections for people with pre-existing conditions and take away Montanans’ healthcare to boost his insurance industry backers, Governor Bullock was working across the aisle to expand access to care,” said Sean Manning, spokesperson for Montanans for Bullock. “Groups in Washington can try to distort the picture, but Montanans know that Governor Bullock will fight for quality, affordable healthcare for their families in the Senate, not take marching orders from special interests to rip it away during a public health crisis.”