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Governor Bullock is the only Democratic candidate for President who’s won a Trump state. He’s our best chance to defeat Trump! But he needs 130,000 people to donate to secure his spot in the next round of debates.

Foreign Policy & Defense

A Safe and Secure America

The greatest responsibility of the American President is to keep our country and our people safe. Governor Bullock believes that President Trump’s “America First” approach has turned into “America Alone”—isolating us from our allies, eroding our credibility, and making us less safe. Steve will keep America safe and restore our standing as a global leader.

As Governor, Steve has visited our troops stationed in Afghanistan and served on the Council of Governors advising the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. He has represented our nation’s Governors at the inauguration of Mexican President Obrador and led trade missions to Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Steve’s approach to foreign policy rests on four pillars:

1. Protecting the American People

Protecting the United States will be Steve’s number one priority as Commander-In-Chief.

Steve will ensure our military has the resources to effectively address the threats faced by the United States and our allies. America needs a military that can deter and defeat current threats, but is flexible enough to address new and emerging challenges like cyber attacks, chemical weapons, drones, and artificial intelligence.

Upon assuming office, Steve will initiate a major review of U.S. defense strategy, forces, and budgets to ensure that we are protecting America, cutting waste, and delivering the best value for our taxpayer dollars.

As President, Steve will pursue diplomatic efforts to reduce nuclear risks including re-engaging on the Iran Nuclear Deal, and evaluating arms control opportunities with Russia and China.

2. Strengthening Our Alliances

Trump’s “America Alone” foreign policy is undermining our alliances, emboldening our adversaries, and abandoning our values, especially support for human rights.

Steve knows America’s international alliances are a key advantage over authoritarian states like Russia and China. The NATO Alliance has been a success for America and our allies for 70 years. Our alliances make our planet safer. We saw the importance of credibility and diplomacy when the international community came together to freeze Iran’s march to nuclear power until Trump recklessly withdrew from the agreement. And no one nation can solve the challenge of climate change alone.

Steve’s first trip as President will be to meet our NATO allies, and reestablish respectful relationships and mutual aid.

3. Deterring our Adversaries

Steve will re-engage our allies to deter advances from our adversaries. In the absence of strong U.S. leadership, and U.S.-led coalition leadership, China and Russia are making inroads in economies and geography around the world. That’s why Steve will re-engage our allies and work with our military and diplomatic corps to deter our adversaries and ensure we contain their aggression.

Further, instead of denigrating our intelligence community, Steve will rely on their counsel and expertise to help guide foreign policy and ensure our nation’s security.

4. Promoting Our Values

Steve will rejoin the community of nations with international diplomacy based on American values. He will lead our allies in a coalition to promote a rules-based international community that resolves conflicts instead of exacerbating tensions.

Steve will ensure our military is not used for political purposes along our border, and that we only deploy our brave men and women for missions that serve America’s foreign policy interests.

Steve will rejoin the Paris Agreement on Day One, and ensure that we are meeting our financial commitments under the agreement. Addressing climate change is a global imperative. The U.S. will be better positioned to influence other nations in the fight against climate change when we restore our global leadership.

As President, he will also call for increasing support for initiatives that empower women, foster democracy, and fight discrimination based on race, gender, and sexual orientation worldwide. Steve will overturn the global gag rule, which unnecessarily limits aid workers’ ability to educate women about their reproductive health options.