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Governor Bullock is the only Democratic candidate for President who’s won a Trump state. He’s our best chance to defeat Trump! But he needs 130,000 people to donate to secure his spot in the next round of debates.


Connecting America

Infrastructure investments create jobs that can’t be outsourced while connecting our nation physically, digitally, and economically. These investments are also a key part of our efforts to benefit from the new clean energy economy as we also take action to combat climate change. Investing in infrastructure will result in better quality of life for all Americans and ensure we remain competitive globally.

Financing infrastructure can be challenging, and will require different solutions in different regions. That said, between a national infrastructure bank, appropriate public-private partnerships, and modernizing fuel taxes, there are solutions to be found.

As President, Steve will prioritize investments that create jobs, reduce America’s carbon output, and ensure that all parts of America have the opportunity to compete in the global economy.

  • Fully connect rural America to broadband internet within 3 years. 
  • For America’s national treasures, provide $16 billion in new support to end the maintenance backlog in our National Parks and other federal conservation areas. From Yosemite to Acadia, much of this work will be done in rural areas where gateway communities support strong economies surrounding our nation’s parks and public lands.
  • Inject $350 billion into highway and transit needs to solve the serious short-term maintenance problems facing our roads, bridges, and mass transit systems.
  • Steve will work with Congress, industry, and environmental organizations to find a new long-term funding source for the Highway Trust Fund. This will ensure that, as electric cars, buses, and trucks become more common, we won’t be solely reliant on a gas tax — that has not been raised since 1993—to build and sustain our transportation infrastructure.
  • With more than 63 million Americans exposed to unsafe water in the last twelve years, it’s time to provide help to local water systems. Steve will fully fund the State Revolving Fund for clean drinking water and eliminate the state cap on private activity bonds for water infrastructure projects. This will bring an estimated $6 to $7 billion annually in critical new private financing. 
  • Increase funding for new and existing climate change infrastructure initiatives to help reduce emissions in every practical way. This includes making existing buildings more efficient while ensuring new construction is done to the highest energy efficiency standards. 
  • Our nation’s electronic grid is the oldest technology and equipment still operating. Steve will work with states and the private sector to update our national electric grid to cut down on wasted energy, allow more renewable energy onto the systems, create good-paying jobs, modernize delivery, and spur economic growth across the country.
  • Invest in rail and electric buses to encourage smarter city growth and ensure that public transit becomes more reliable and can serve as an effective tool in combating climate change. 
  • Steve will work with Congress to update our waterways so that American crops and manufactured goods easily find a path to market.
  • As we modernize traditional infrastructure, Steve will also incentivize creation of bike paths to decrease congestion, improve public health, and create tourism and other economic opportunities.