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LGBTQ Equality

Equal Rights and Opportunity for LGBTQ Americans

Every American deserves a fair shot at success. But for LGBTQ Americans, our work did not end with marriage equality.

Every American deserves a fair shot at success. But for LGBTQ Americans, our work did not end with marriage equality. As President, Steve will continue the fight for equal rights and opportunity for LGBTQ Americans. As Governor, Steve signed a landmark executive order that provided significant protections to LGBTQ workers in Montana and was the first governor of Montana to officiate a same sex wedding ceremony.

  • Pass the Equality Act, a landmark bill that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Millions of Americans live in states where they can still be fired from their job based on who they love.
  • Prevent and prosecute acts of violence against the LGBTQ community – particularly transgender women of color who are the majority of victims. Steve will direct the DOJ to convene advocates and law enforcement officials to brainstorm and enact policies to protect LGBTQ Americans.
  • End healthcare discrimination by repealing President Trump’s executive order allowing healthcare providers to deny services to LGBTQ Americans. Steve will do this by executive order. 
  • Honor and support all who serve our nation by welcoming transgender Americans to serve openly and proudly in our military. Steve will direct the DoD to enact this policy.
  • Take on school bullying to make our schools safe for all students, including LGBTQ children. That is why Steve supports the Student Non-Discrimination Act and the Safe School Improvements Act. Steve will direct the Department of Education to prioritize this issue. Legislation would be important to codify this support.
  • Promote global LGBTQ equality and ensure our embassies and consulates stand with advocates working throughout the world to secure equality. Steve will direct State Department policy to support LGBTQ equality all over the world.
  • Ban conversion therapy, a disproven and dangerous procedure based on the false notion that sexual orientation is a mental illness. This requires legislation, although Steve can also use the platform of the Presidency to advocate for this change at the state level too.
  • End bias and discrimination against Americans with HIV by repealing criminal liability against those who have HIV. Steve will fight to enact the Repeal HIV Discrimination Act which would direct the Justice Department to review state laws which impose criminal liability on individuals with HIV.
  • Ensure LGBTQ Americans are seen and heard in all parts of the policymaking process by ensuring federal data is inclusive and accurate. Steve will work to pass the LGBTQ Data Inclusion Act and the Census Equality Act.
  • Allow for gender neutral passports. Steve will direct the State Department to do this. 
  • Direct the TSA to treat transgender and gender non-conforming individuals fairly and with respect. This includes additional training for TSA agents, investing in improved technology to avoid additional screening, and involving LGBTQ Americans in conversations about ways to improve screening while maintaining our safety.