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Governor Bullock: Debate Over Free College is Just “Wishlist Economics”

Jul 31, 2019

Governor Bullock: Debate Over Free College is Just “Wishlist Economics”

After graduating with $175,000 in debt in today’s dollars, Montana Governor Steve Bullock understands the challenges that so many students are facing. As President, he would take immediate action to make higher education accessible and affordable to all, like reducing student loan interest rates and cracking down on for-profit universities. 

But the debate over free college is a perfect example of the “wishlist economics” that risk sidetracking this Primary, and the Democratic Party. 

The majority of American adults don’t have a college degree — what will we do for them and their careers?

Governor Bullock will start by making 2-year college free, expanding opportunities for apprenticeships, and making federal student aid available for career certificate programs, not just 4-year degrees. That’s how he’ll get things done for the folks Washington has left behind.

Governor Bullock’s Record:

Doubled dual enrollment, saving Montana students and families $4 million in tuition.