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Governor Bullock is the only Democratic candidate for President who’s won a Trump state. He’s our best chance to defeat Trump! But he needs 130,000 people to donate to secure his spot in the next round of debates.


Full Text: Governor Bullock’s Opening Statement

Jul 31, 2019

Full Text: Governor Bullock’s Opening Statement

Opening Statement of Montana Governor Steve Bullock:

I come from a state where a lot of people voted for Donald Trump. Let’s not kid ourselves — he will be hard to beat.  

And yet, watching that last debate, folks seemed more concerned about scoring points, or outdoing each other with “wish list economics,” than making sure Americans know we hear their voices, and will help their lives. 

Look, I’m a pro-choice, pro-union, populist Democrat who’s won three elections in a red state — not by compromising our values, but by getting stuff done. 

That’s how we win back the places we lost — showing up, listening, focusing on the challenges of everyday Americans.

That farmer getting hit right now by Trump’s trade war, that teacher working a second job just to afford her insulin, they can’t wait for a revolution — their challenges are in the here and now.  

I’m a progressive, emphasis on progress, and I’m running for President to get things done for all those Americans Washington has left behind.