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Governor Bullock Makes Case in CNN Town Hall Debut

Aug 25, 2019

Helena, MT – After his CNN Town Hall debut, Montana Governor Steve Bullock released the following statement.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to hear from voters about the issues that matter most to them and talk about serious solutions to the problems Americans face,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “As the only Governor in this race, and the only candidate to have won and governed a Trump state, I know Washington has left too many Americans behind. This election is about reaching out to those voters with a vision of government that works to ensure a fair shot for all — that’s how we beat Trump. And once we do, we can come together to end the influence of dark money in politics, and finally take real action on the biggest issues our country is facing — on climate change, fixing our healthcare system, and building an economy that works for everyone.”

Highlights from Governor Bullock’s Town Hall debut

Governor Bullock on Gun Violence:

“Like far too many people in this country, my family’s been personally impacted by gun violence. 25 years ago, I was actually living here in New York. I was a law student, and got pulled out of my last class in law school because I had an 11 year old nephew, Jeremy, shot and killed on the playground by a 10 year old. At the time it was the youngest school yard shooting in the country. I don’t know right now if a 10 year old killed an 11 year old it would even make national news.”

“There are steps that we can take like universal background checks. The vast majority of gun owners, even the vast majority of NRA members, think that this makes sense. It can no longer just be a political issue. And I’m counting on gun owners to finally break what’s happened in Washington DC.”

Governor Bullock on Foreign Policy: 

“Trump’s knee-jerk reaction has been to treat our allies as adversaries, and our adversaries as allies. And in doing that in all of these areas of the world, we’re actually a lot less safe than we once were.”

“But what we’ve seen, is not only has [Trump] had this infatuation with dictators. He’s also taken this ‘America First’ and turned it into ‘America Alone.’ So it’s that much harder — be it in the Middle East, be it in North Korea, be it in Iran, be it in Russia or even trade in China — to actually bring our allies along with us to deter bad behavior. So I think that you stand up, you don’t coddle, you certainly don’t write love letters. And you’d be firm about American values, and that’s what’s missing from this president.”

Governor Bullock on the Economy:

“At the end of the day, from my perspective, the economy is really about 300 million people making decisions each and every day around their kitchen table.”

“What the President has done… I think what’s happened with trade is part of what’s impacting the confidence of those 300 million families about whether they should be making those investments.”

Governor Bullock on Dark Money:

“Before we really want to talk about climate, if we want to talk about healthcare costs, if we want to talk about gun safety, we want to talk about income inequality — [these issues are] at the core of all of this with dark money in our elections.”

Governor Bullock on the Morality that Informs His Politics:

“My politics are informed by a sense of morality, and I learned it from growing up in Montana from being raised in a single-parent household, often paycheck to paycheck. By my faith, the recognition that there is something more that we should be doing for everyone. By my role as a parent.”

“We, as elected leaders, have to recognize that our kids learn from our words and our deeds. And our kids are watching. I believe that’s more true today than ever before. And, at some point, this President’s going to have to answer — are we giving something for our kids to aspire to and be inspired by? And I think all of us running are going to have to do the same.”