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MSNBC: Governor Bullock On Building Momentum in Iowa and Beating Trump

Jul 06, 2019

Helena, MT – Governor Bullock joined MSNBC’s Chris Jansing to talk about his status as the only candidate in the field to have won and governed a Trump state. The interview included Bullock’s announcement of raising over $2 million in six weeks and adding his fifth qualifying poll for inclusion in July’s debate.

On the heels of a major Iowa endorsement, Governor Bullock is connecting with voters in early states who want to nominate a candidate that can beat Donald Trump and ensure a fair shot for everyone.

Watch: Governor Bullock on building a winning Iowa campaign and beating Trump

Key Quotes:

“I only got into this six weeks ago because I also had a job to do. I’m governor of a state, my legislature was still meeting, I had to save healthcare for 100,000 Montanans. So it was the easiest decision I could ever make to actually get my job done.”

“Having that voice — someone that actually won in a Trump state, someone who’s been able to get things done, somebody who’s taken on, and the fight of my career has been, the corrupting influence of money in elections — I’ll add a lot this month in Detroit on the debate stage.”

“Iowa’s always been traditionally sort of that great sorting hat which can take a big field and really narrow it down. I was so pleased when I got in and long-term Attorney General Tom Miller endorsed [me] right away. A woman named Jan Bauer, who even Elizabeth Warren said, ‘no one knows Iowa politics like Jan Bauer’, endorsed [me] last week. And Iowans want to make sure that they have somebody who can actually beat Donald Trump and get this economy and this political system back on track.”