On the Issues

Economy and Jobs

Building an economy that works for all Montanans means creating more opportunities for education, training, and good-paying jobs. Young Montanans shouldn’t be forced to look to other states to pursue their careers. That’s why Steve Bullock has worked throughout his time as Governor to expand apprenticeships, support main street businesses, and encourage new business growth in Montana, and he’ll keep building on that work as Montana’s Senator.


There are many paths to good-paying, middle class jobs, and one of the best ways to open these doors is by expanding access to apprenticeship and job training programs. Creating more opportunities for workers to get hands-on experience while learning a trade allows Montanans to find jobs right here in-state, and helps businesses connect with the skilled workers they need.

That’s why Steve expanded apprenticeships in Montana by more than 67%, and created tax incentives for businesses to hire apprentices – and doubled that tax credit for hiring veterans. In the Senate, he’ll push to expand apprenticeship programs.


Our small businesses are the backbone of Montana’s economy. From Kalispell to Glendive, local and family-owned businesses keep Montana moving forward, whether they’ve been around for generations or are just getting started.

Steve has made small business growth a focus of his administration, creating the Main Street Montana project to connect the public sector, private sector, and education community, and encouraging entrepreneurship and new business development by cutting red tape and lowering taxes on businesses. By building on initiatives like these and improving small businesses’ access to credit, Steve will continue this work in the Senate to advance job creation and ensure Main Street’s success.


Working Montana families deserve to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks. As Governor, Steve signed into law the state’s first-ever Earned Income Tax Credit, helping middle-class Montanans’ money stay with them and support their local economies. In the Senate, Steve will fight to make sure the benefits of tax reform go to working families – not to big corporations and millionaires.


As Governor, Steve has worked to provide tax breaks for working families and to help Montana businesses succeed. He expanded the state’s apprenticeship program and created new tax credits for businesses to hire learning workers and veterans.

Steve encouraged business growth and new business development by eliminating business equipment taxes for all small businesses in Montana, and creating tax incentives for high-tech businesses to open up shop in Montana.