On the Issues


For too long, we have neglected our nation’s infrastructure, jeopardizing our quality of life and ability to compete in a 21st century economy. In the wake of the coronavirus crisis, we can improve our economy and create local jobs that can’t be outsourced by reinvesting in infrastructure. In the Senate, Steve Bullock will fight for an infrastructure plan that creates good-paying jobs, connects the nation, strengthens communities, and protects our environment.


Securing a long-term, sustainable funding source for the Highway Trust Fund to repair and improve our roads and bridges will facilitate economic growth. Our water infrastructure needs investment, too, to build new flood management systems and rehabilitate aging and stressed locks and dams. The most antiquated piece of machinery in the west is our electric grid, and it needs to be modernized to reduce energy waste, save money for consumers, increase transmission of renewable energy, and modernize delivery.

To keep our state and our economy connected and competitive, we need to support travel infrastructure that links Montana to the nation. Steve will support infrastructure investments to upgrade and expand airports, and will protect essential air service to keep Montana’s rural communities connected.


The building blocks of our communities are an important piece of our infrastructure, and they are in serious need of attention. Many communities, especially those in rural areas, lack access to high-speed internet, and Steve will work to make sure that every home, business, school, library, and healthcare facility is connected to broadband. We can support telecommunications providers in “rip and replace” efforts to eliminate unsecure, Chinese-made equipment and replace it with more secure technology.

Giving every American access to clean water means increasing investments in local water systems, replacing lead service lines, fixing aging irrigation systems, and upgrading wastewater systems. We must provide funding for construction of schools, hospitals, and affordable housing, especially in rural areas, to make sure everyone has the ability to live, work, and raise their family in the communities they love. As Senator, Steve will fight for infrastructure funding that includes the things that matter to Montana communities.


As Governor, Steve brought Republicans and Democrats together to approve the largest infrastructure investment in Montana history, securing nearly $400 million for long-overdue upgrades to provide clean drinking water, safe wastewater, storm systems, bridges, and buildings to communities across the state. Steve supported successful initiatives to increase bandwidth in rural schools, making sure our kids in small school districts don’t fall behind their peers. Nearly 100% of Montana’s K-12 schools now meet FEC standards for broadband.