On the Issues


Montana has one of the highest rates of military service in the nation and every community in our state is home to men and women who pledged to defend our country. We owe it to them to uphold the promises made when they sacrificed so much. As Governor, Steve Bullock has worked to honor our commitments to our veterans, and as Montana’s Senator he’ll continue advocating every day on their behalf.


Montanans who have sworn an oath to protect and defend our nation deserve the care that they’ve earned and was promised to them. In the Senate, Steve will always fight to improve the quality of VA care and make it more accessible for all of our veterans. Steve will oppose measures to privatize the VA and any other policies that would put veterans’ healthcare at risk. He’ll work across the aisle to expand VA clinics, including mobile clinics for veterans in Montana’s rural communities, because honoring our commitments should never be a partisan issue.

Ensuring quality care means making sure the VA is adequately staffed by well-trained professionals. Steve will support policies like loan forgiveness for doctors, nurses, and support staff who work for the VA to ensure clinics attract the medical professionals needed to provide the best level of care.

Even a single veteran suicide is unacceptable, and sadly, we have seen too many of our bravest gone too soon. As Governor, Steve has worked to break down barriers between veterans and critical mental health services. In the Senate, he will work relentlessly to make sure every Montana veteran can access mental health care so that those who followed the call to serve never find themselves with nowhere left to turn.


Servicemen and women deserve every opportunity to succeed when they return to civilian life. As Montana’s Senator, Steve will support programs that encourage hiring of veterans, create new job opportunities, and translate their military training to civilian-sector employment. Steve will support tax credits for employers hiring veterans, work to make more funding available for loans to veterans looking to start small businesses, and secure affordable housing for veterans at risk of homelessness.


As Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock has worked to support Montana’s veterans and make sure they have the resources and support they need after leaving the service. He created new tax credits for businesses that hire veterans and provided scholarships for Purple Heart recipients who want to further their education.

He has made sure that job training and licensing from the military carry over to the private sector, and he doubled the amount of money available to assist veterans who are first-time home buyers. Steve Bullock invested in Montana suicide prevention efforts for veterans and opened up opportunities for Montanans who served to access mental health counseling. As our Senator, Steve will work to make federal policy reflect Montana’s values of honoring and caring for our men and women who wore the uniform.