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Money In Politics

One Big Idea

The Problem

Our nation is founded on the basic idea that every American’s voice matters. Yet too often it’s those who can cut the biggest checks who wield the greatest influence. Fighting against the toxic influence of money in politics has been the fight of Governor Bullock’s career. And he’s just getting started.

We’ve all seen the problem. Washington has been so thoroughly corrupted by Big Money that it has been unable to tackle our biggest challenges. Millionaires get huge tax cuts, while average Americans are left behind and income inequality hit record highs. Big Pharma spends millions to influence our government, yet we pay more for healthcare than any other industrialized nation — with nothing to show for it. And as Big Oil reaps huge profits and takes over our public lands, our politicians stand by and do literally nothing to deal with the climate crisis.

We all know we’ve got to do something about these problems, but Big Money has broken the political system’s power to take even the first step.

We have to do more than just win this election — we have to make Washington work for us. Not for Big Money, not for the special interests, but for each one of us in the communities we call home.

The Plan

That’s why Governor Bullock will make taking on the toxic influence of money in politics a national priority.

On Day One, he will sign an executive order requiring every company to disclose every dollar they spend or contribute to influence our elections if they want to do business with the largest contractor in the nation — the federal government. With the stroke of a pen, the biggest corporations in the country will have to choose between stopping their dark money games or losing business forever.

With the same pen, he will empower federal agencies to go after the secretive groups who corrupt our elections, enforcing our laws and reversing years of inaction. He will prioritize passage of a national Disclose Act, forcing secretive donors out into the open, and work to ban Super PACs from American elections. And, he will direct the Solicitor General to begin the process of appealing and ultimately overturning the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision.

    The Roadmap

  1. “Check the Box” to Curb Foreign Influence
  2. Executive Order to Crack Down on Dark Money
  3. Empower Watchdogs to Enforce Our Campaign Laws
  4. Ban SuperPACs
  5. Pass Federal Disclose Act to End Dark Money
  6. Build the Movement to Overturn Citizens United

This won’t be easy. But Governor Bullock has done it before — and won.

The Proof

In Montana, Governor Bullock has protected the integrity of our elections by fighting back against the toxic influence of money in politics. As Attorney General, he took this fight all the way to the Supreme Court in the first challenge to Citizens United. When the Court ruled against Montana on a 5-4 decision, Governor Bullock didn’t give up. He doubled-down.

As Governor, he passed one of the strongest campaign disclosure law in the country. That law is now a national model for stopping dark money groups in their tracks. He also passed landmark legislation banning the use of foreign money in elections. If we can kick the Koch Brothers and foreign donors out of Montana, we can do the same thing all across our nation.

When we have the political courage to stand up and fight this corrupt system, we can win and make real change happen. We can lower the cost of an education, break the power of Wall Street and the giant corporations, make our tax system fair for all, fulfill the promise of universal healthcare, ensure every family can afford childcare and a good home, protect worker rights and retirement security, and finally tackle the climate crisis head-on.

Every American deserves a fair shot at success. Working together, we can do the hard work to make it happen.