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A Fair Shot for Rural America

As the Governor of a state with one of the highest percentages of rural residents in the West, Steve Bullock knows rural America is full of opportunity because he’s lived it. But rural America’s economy hasn’t seen the same kind of recovery that cities and suburbs have experienced since the end of the Great Recession. That’s why Steve is proposing a plan to help rural America recover and thrive.

You shouldn’t have to leave your home, community, or church just to get by in America. And at a time when President Trump has sought to create divisions in our country, including sowing discord between urban and rural Americans, Steve knows the value of coming together and working towards shared prosperity.

That’s why Steve is proposing a plan to help rural America recover and thrive.

Ensuring everyone has a fair shot is too important to just throw out lofty plans that can’t be implemented. So we will show exactly how Steve plans to get it done, whether it requires legislation or executive action.

His first priority will be to establish an Office of Rural Affairs to coordinate these initiatives within the White House, reporting directly to the President, to provide leadership and coordinate the development of policies for rural America across executive departments and agencies.

Read Steve’s full plan to support rural America here >>



Here’s where we are now:
  • Since 2011, rural job growth by county has been in the bottom 25%.
  • Ninety-seven rural hospitals have closed since 2010, and more than one-fifth are at high risk of closing, including 17 in Iowa.
  • Over 31% of rural communities do not have access to broadband at home which can serve as an impediment for businesses hoping to work in a community and residents who want to work remotely
Here’s what Steve Bullock will do as President:
  • Support farmers and ranchers by ending the trade war to increase trade and revenue, increasing access to regional markets, and expanding agriculture opportunities by providing low-interest loans.
  • Drive economic development and entrepreneurship in rural America by launching a dedicated rural opportunity zone initiative, providing access to broadband, and increasing grants and low-interest loans to support our farmers and ranchers, including for farmers of color.
  • Address the major problems facing rural Americans, including access to clean water, supporting local post offices, and keeping rural hospitals open.
  • Promote environmental and stewardship efforts by enhancing and expanding the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), partnering with farmers to research cost-effective ways to improve the environment, and building on the success of the Renewable Fuel Standards program.

Read Steve’s full plan to support rural America here >>